“The ambience at Losán is great, something that customers never fail to notice. You get to know your customers really well.”

After her studies in commercial economics, Inge’s first job was in the travel industry. This is her fifth year at Losán, where she works in the Sales Department. “My job is to enter orders in the system, confirm them and make sure that customers receive their orders on time. I do this with my colleagues Yvette and Celine”, says Inge. I liaise with the other departments for this. I also am in touch with our customers on a constant basis.

Every day is different at Losán. Inge: “In my job you have to be very flexible, switching between the office and production and between different customers, which is why my job is so varied and dynamic. I get a lot of e-mails from customers with questions about delivery times, orders and stock. Obviously I try to reply as soon as possible but I also advise our customers. When I started to work for Losán, I didn’t know that much about veneers. Since then I’ve become a lot more knowledgeable. But I still learn something new every day.

“The ambience at Losán is great, something that customers also never fail to notice. This, and the fact that we have such a good relation with our customers, means people are not afraid to ask questions. You get to know your customers really well”, says Inge. “Ultimately mutual trust plays a key role in sales and if you know your customer well, you can also give him or her good advice. Building a relationship and being able to sense each other’s needs is important. Besides this, we also like to go that extra mile for our customers.

I love receiving photos of completed projects. We sell a really nice product as you can tell when you see the pictures. What I also like is that there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow at Losán. I previously took a French course and am currently taking a marketing course.

Inge Jansen, Sales/Marketing Department LosánNL

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