To Losán, caring about nature is a given. Because we not only love real wood veneer, but we love nature and we respect our environment.


We believe that the way we treat our surroundings and especially our materials, is crucial to the process of working with wood. We use wood from sustainably managed forests. All of our production facilities are located near to our resources. This helps us reduce our CO² emissions. As we process a natural product, we are very aware of our need and responsibility to protect the environment.


M1 Emission classM1 Emission Class for Building Material

We went to great lengths to achieve this certificate to ensure that you, as our customer, have the security of a product that is produced with the lowest emissions possible. We are your supplier of the finest veneered sheet materials with this Scandinavian ECO label. The M1 certification determines that the product meets the M1 criteria for emission class for building materials. We are the first producer of veneered panels who have achieved this certification and we are very proud of that.




We love wood, but we also love to work with wood that is sustainable. In this way we can enjoy not only the product, but also the trees which provide these beautiful materials. That is why we have FSC certification. This certificate applies to forest product manufacturers and distributors. The goal is to check that products are handled correctly at every stage of production – from forest to panel. So that you, as our customer, can be sure that you are buying a sustainable product.





PEFC is a certification scheme, which guarantees by annual audits that the wood components used in our production originate from legally and sustainably managed sources.




“As we process a natural product, we are very aware of our need and responsibility to protect the environment.”




Eikenhout LosánNL

LosánNL is FSC, PEFC and M1-certified.