“Our job is about brains, but even more so about the heart, which is quite satisfying!”

Michael Wera advises Losán’s customers every step of the way. He makes sure that the customer’s order is produced to his specifications in the factory. Negotiating contracts is also part of the job. “I’ve been working at Losán for 15 years”, Michael says. “I always start from the customer’s needs but I also look at how the customer intends to use the product. My job is to assist customers in this process. As you may have guessed, being a good listener is crucial.”

Michael has been interested in wood and veneers from a very early age. He inherited this passion from his parents. Michael: “When you work at Losán, you need to have an affinity with what we do. You need to understand the product, otherwise you can’t do a good job.”

Surprising customers is part and parcel of the Losán service. Employees are expected to always think one step further, beyond the customer’s specifications. “I once had a customer who was adamant about using a specific, very expensive, exotic type of wood’, says Michael. “The only thing is that it was not sustainable. I think that as a company we have a responsibility, for our planet and for our children, and this should also apply to our customers. That is why I suggested an equally good, ecological solution to the customer, who was very happy with my alternative!”

At Losán all the employees work towards the same goal, something you can sense the minute you set foot on the premises. Michael: “All the employees have a role to play in the process. Once everything comes together, we all get a lot of satisfaction from it. We all work together: from Production to the Purchasing and Sales Departments. While we each have our own duties, everyone relies on the others to do their job. Our job is about brains, as well as about the heart, which is quite satisfying!”

Michael Wera, Export Manager LosánNL

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