A sharp breeze makes its way inside your coat. You pull your collar up high and take a deep breath.


A pleasant pine scent tickles your nose. It takes you back to the wooden cabin by the lake last summer. You spent long evenings sitting outside as dusk fell, feeling the sand between your toes. You relive that simplicity and respect for nature as you reflect on those dearly beloved surroundings.


The Skogán collection takes you to Scandinavia, where peace and simplicity rule. Lighter hues and plain lines are suited to minimalist interiors and refined designs. The colours clearly reflect the unsaturated earth tones so characteristic of this region.

Skogán Losán NL



  • Skogán® Morning 01
  • Skogán® Morning 02
  • Skogán® Morning 03
  • Skogán® Morning 04
  • Skogán® Morning 05
  • Skogán® Morning 06


  • Skogán® Day 01
  • Skogán® Day 02
  • Skogán® Day 03
  • Skogán® Day 04


  • Skogán® Night 01
  • Skogán® Night 02
  • Skogán® Night 03
  • Skogán® Night 04
  • Skogán® Night 05
  • Skogán® Night 06
  • Skogán® Night 07

Skogán reconstituted birch veneer
Skogán reconstituted birch veneers are unique!
You can see the lively stripes of the veneers. All the raw materials are sourced from sustainable managed forests in Scandinavia.
Read more about the advantages of Skogán reconstituted birch veneer.

Advantages of Skogán reconstituted birch veneer