You have been on a long bike ride and now you are finally seated at a pub. Your day was fun and active. It is almost twilight, but there is a lingering warmth to the air. There will be no chilliness this evening. A refreshing drink with a slice of lemon is just what you needed.


You feel energised, with wonderful people all around you.


The Dasán collection’s modern eucalyptus hues set a cheerful mood. The wood’s natural texture provides for a clean design with its own unique character and luxurious feel. Warm and minimalist, Dasán’s colours bring your project to life.

Dasán Losán NL



  • Dasán® Morning 01
  • Dasán® Morning 02


  • Dasán® Day 01


  • Dasán® Night 01
  • Dasán® Night 02
  • Dasán® Night 03
  • Dasán® Night 04