You wander through the museum you’ve wanted to visit for ages. On turning a corner, you encounter an unexpected masterpiece. The finesse of its colours and subtlety of its structure move you profoundly. This is how art should be. This is how design should feel. You walk on, with a voice in your head saying “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!”


The sophisticated finishing within the Sumán collection is superb – warm and profound, epitomising the virtuosity you’re looking for. A visible and palpable sheen of quality resonates with you. In a class of its own.

Sumán collection


  • Sumán® Oyster
  • Sumán® Sand
  • Sumán® Clay
  • Sumán® Silica
  • Sumán® Basalt
  • Sumán® Volcano
  • Sumán® Shell
  • Sumán® Loam
  • Sumán® Rock
  • Sumán® Graphite